2023 NECO Geography Answers (Human & Regional)

2023 NECO Geography Questions and Answers

(Human Geography)

2023 NECO Geography Answers: Get the NECO 2023 Geography Questions and answers for 2023 Paper 1, 2 and 3 (Human Geography, Physical Geography & Objective).

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NECO 2023 Geography Objectives Solutions

NECO 2023 Practical and Physical Geography Solutions

Number 6

(i) Arcuate.
(ii) Bird’s Foot.
(iii) Estuarine Delta.

(i) Arcuate: This delta consists of both coarse and fine sediments and has the shape of an inverted cone. It is crossed by many distributaries. Very good examples of Arcuate deltas are the Niger (Nigeria), Nile (Egypt) and Hwan – Ho.

(ii) Bird’s Foot: This delta consists of very fine materials referred to as “silt” with several long distributaries like the foot of a bird extending into the sea. The Mississippi Delta and the Delta of Omo River in Ethiopia are good examples.

(iii) Estuarine Delta: This delta is formed from materials deposited in the submerged mouth of a river. It takes the shape of the estuary. A typical example of this type of delta can be located in River Seine (Netherlands) and River Vistula (Poland).

(i) It is good for transportation. i.e. Ports.
(ii) It is equally good for petroleum mining.
(iii) Delta provides a good agricultural land especially for cultivation of rice, oil palm and raffia palm. e.g. River Niger.
(iv) It is also good for fishing.

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NECO 2023 Human and Regional Geography Solutions


INSTRUCTION: Answer four questions in all, two from each section



(i) Marketing and Promotion: Effective marketing strategies play a vital role in promoting tourism. Governments, tourism boards, and travel agencies invest in advertising campaigns, social media promotion, and attractive websites to encourage more people to visit a destination.
(ii) Cultural Exchange: Tourists have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, beliefs, and traditions during their travels. This type of cultural exchange offers mutual benefits for travelers and locals, providing insight into different lifestyles and a chance to create meaningful connections with people from other countries.

(i) Natural Landscapes: Many tourists are drawn to beautiful landscapes around the world, such as mountain ranges, seaside cliffs, and rolling hills. These features can boast incredible views and diverse wildlife, which makes them ideal for recreational activities and sightseeing.
(ii) Accessibility: Tourism always depends on good transportation systems, whether they are highways, railways, airports, or other forms of travel. Accessibility is an important factor in promoting tourism, as it allows travelers to get from one destination to another conveniently.

(i) Environmental degradation: Tourism often leads to increased pollution, deforestation, and degradation of natural habitats due to infrastructure development, increased waste generation, and unsustainable resource consumption.
(ii) Overcrowding and congestion: Popular tourist destinations can become overcrowded during peak times which can lead to increased traffic, noise and air pollution, as well as lower air quality.
(iii) Displacement of local populations: In extreme cases, tourism can lead to displacement as local residents are forced to move away due to rising tourism-related costs.
(iv) Social and cultural disruption: There is the potential for tourism to disrupt traditional values and cultural practices if local people are not consulted on tourism-related decisions.
(v) Exploitation of labour: Low wages and poor working conditions are common in the tourism industry, particularly among those employed in hotels and restaurants.
(vi) Economic Inequality: The economic benefits from tourism are often not equitably shared amongst local communities, causing further economic disparities.

(i) Diversification of Attractions: Tourists often look for new and exciting experiences, so it is important to provide a wide range of attractions to keep visitors engaged.
(ii) Infrastructure: Developing a good infrastructure is essential for promoting tourism, as it provides the necessary transportation and communication tools for travelers.
(iii) Cultural Preservation: Preserving local cultures and traditions is important for attracting international visitors.
(iv) Responsible Tourism: Sustainable tourism practices are important for ensuring that the environment, local communities, and travelers all benefit from tourism.

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NECO 2023 Physical Geography Questions



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