How Ayo Met The Love of Her Life

(Awesome Short Story)

First impressions are sometimes nonsense.

Below is a true-life story of how a young girl named Ayo actually met the love of her life. It is a very interesting and must-read story for everyone.

Let me tell you something.
Early last year, a Tall and chubby guy intercepted a beautiful girl on her way out of a supermarket and asked her out.
But the girl turned him down politely and continued her journey.

For where?! The guy continued following her, wanting to know why she refused.
So the girl told him that she had a boyfriend who loved and cared for her, and she wouldn’t want to break his heart.

So the guy told the girl that she seem nice and receptive. And requested the girl’s phone number saying that they could build a platonic relationship.

The girl laughed and gave plenty of excuses but, after much talk, she gave him her number.

Fast Forward: After a few days, the guy began to call the girl too much and asked for a date. But the girl was very angry and even had to block the guy’s number.
But the guy switched to text messages, which the girl also blocked too, and then he started using WhatsApp and Facebook Chat to reach out to her. But the girl still blocked him on all social media platforms.

Then one night as the girl was about to sleep, she heard a knock on her door, and there he was standing and smiling at her Very cute face!
“How did you find me?” She asked.
“I love you.” The guy replied.
“You love who”? Ayo asked again.

It seems you are high! The girl added as banged her door on his face, and went back to sleep.
But the memory of his cute smiling face won’t just leave her head, no matter how much she covered herself with the blood of her boyfriend, the guy’s picture still flashed back.


Fast forward: The girl got into very deep and serious trouble.
She even thought she will die from the effect of the trouble. So she began to seek help from friends, relatives, and foes alike.
Guess what? In a twinkle of an eye, she looked around and she was standing alone, with no boyfriend, no friends, no relatives, and nobody.
Though some friends were kind enough to stay afar and Cheer her up with loud tunes:

“Babe, you can do it!”
“Peno, God will see you through!”
“Ayo, you are a strong woman. Stay strong for us!”
“Babe, fight! Keep your head above water!

There were so many words; everybody had one thing or the other to say to her. They wanted her to be strong, they wanted her to fight, they wanted her to be this and that, but yet, nobody told her how to do it nor even stood with her.
Everything happened from a distance. No help, no direction. No guide, nothing, nothing.

Gradually, she became depressed, bitter, and angry at everyone.
So was so tired, Drained, Distraught, Dejected, and Almost insane.
At a point, she started attending every workshop, training, counseling, and seminar and listening to therapists.

She tried making new friends, but still, nothing worked for her.
She later gave up and withdrew herself from civilization. She even had to switch off her phone many times, to make sure she was the only one in her space because she was alone.

A month later, she decided to jog on her street just to ease stress, because she had a “funny” story to write, so she needed to clear her head a bit, so she could get in the mood for writing the story.
As she jogged, she noticed someone was also jogging behind her. So he called her and asked her to stop but she refused to stop, when he noticed she won’t stop, he doubled his steps and caught up with her.

She looked at his face and rolled her eyes at him, and was about to continue her jogging when she felt him grab her into an embrace. Ayo wanted to fight, but she was too tired to do so.
Besides, the effect of the hug was sleeping in, a very medicinal hug. Unashamedly, She warned herself saying in her mind: “Aunty Ayo, you need this, calm down and collect it”.


Gradually, she relaxed into him as if she wanted to enter his body. Boom! The tears came. Ayo cried uncontrollably. Just as she was about to enter gear 2, shame started catching her, seeing herself hustling for a hug from the broad chest of a man that she have blocked on all platforms!

As if the man read her thoughts: “My love, I see you. Cry all you want, lean on my chest because my broad chest was actually designed for you. So have fun and stop thinking nonsense.”
In Ayo’s mind, she was like my love ke? Who told this one that I have accepted him? How did he even come up with such a hasty conclusion?

While he escorted her back to her house after jogging, Ayo told him some things going on with her, she expected him to ask about her boyfriend and her friends.
Surprisingly, he didn’t. Then she asked him why he wouldn’t ask.
“My love, yes I didn’t ask because I am not here to judge nor condemn you.” He replied.
They got to her house and she bid him farewell.
“Please, let me stay small na. I want to spend time with you.” He pleaded.

She refused because her house was a mess. Shyness and shame were killing her.

Again, as if he read her mind, he was like: “I’d like to help you clean up. We could do the cleaning and arranging of the house together if you don’t mind.”
So Ayo allowed him in. He made breakfast which they ate together and they also both arranged the entire house.

It was here Ayo noticed he was really smart. Like he began to provide feasible solutions to all the puzzles she has been struggling with.
And he even repaired her wall clock.
Ayo felt him open the door, so she begged him to stay a bit more. She was now Shameless to even say it!
“No, I can’t stay though I’m here with you, I can’t leave you, even when you can’t see me or feel me, I am always here with you”. He replied.
Just as she was about to smile, he went saying: “Uhm, Babe, when we were coming upstairs, I saw a guy struggling to clean up his house downstairs. Let me knock and see if he will need some help. I will be back. But if you miss me too much, Just close your eyes and say my name, because I AM in you”.

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