To a sister so loving, so caring and true, to my dear sister this one is for you. As we have grown through our childhood years. The fun and laughter, the things we have done created memories forever and kept your story even when we could not be together.

I would not trade you for another cause you have always shown how much you care and I think of you as a mother. On the day you left to a foreign land, on the day you embarked on a journey of no return, I longed to hear you speak, I cried all night as I looked at your lifeless body.

It is difficult to write how I feel about your departure, I still can’t understand, but what can I do my heart aches to lose a beloved one so true and kind. I had hope all this is a dream that by day break I will awake to see your face, hear your laughter and your authoritative voice even ready to issue a command. I am glad that I am your sister and you are mine and your memories will forever live in me.

I have prayed to the almighty God that some day we will meet again where the pastures are forever green, and there will be no pain, no sorrow of heart, daily joy and laughter, what a day that would be to see you  again my dear sister.

                Rest in peace OKWO CARTAGE                                                                                                    

                Gone but not forgotten

                Love always, Sarah Emmanuel Obeten

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