How sad it is mum to write about you like this, my memory is full with so many wonderful and funny memories of you mum and I don’t know which one to begin with well this was supposed to be a biography mum not a tribute but I guess I just have to write about you mom.

Words will not let me tell and my pen wouldn’t let me write how wonderful you were to me, your presence so many tarries lightens up my mood , your words so many time mom  have given me encouragement and makes me think better of myself, your affection mom so many times have made me miss you. I will not forget your troublesome aspect mom, your voice still rings in my ears from how many times you abuse and shout my name in a day, the number of times you feed me cannot be compared to any other. I have not forgotten the last time I ate from you, it was really nice. Mama, I was looking forward to the day I will start buying gifts for you with my sweat, but look like nobody can truly know what will happen next.

I love you mama, I pray that this perfect soul of yours will rest in peace. Amen

Adieu MaMa Njelekoko

Bobo Micheal Festus Ubi (Grand Son)

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