On behalf of cause of our joy presidium Holy cross parish Ugep, I write to console you and your sister.

The news of the call to glory of you beloved sister came to us as a great shock as we earnestly praying for her recovery but is best known to God almighty.

However we  want you to see her departure as divine call from God our creator. Its’ not  how long a man lives but how well. Therefore,  we console in the fact that God knows everything and that your great friend, sister had completed her race on earth.

Although we have pains in our heart because we are going to miss her the same way we miss our member‘s, motherly and sister’s advice to us,

Therefore, we should not weep as those without hope but join us in prayers that God may grant her soul eternal rest and may the good Lord forgive her, her sins committed during her journey through this world and receive her gentle soul and  the  souls of our departed legionaries and the souls of all faithful departed through the mercy of God.

Rest in Peace .Amen.          

MR PATRICK OKOI               


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