How I met my wife (Love at First Sight)

(A True Life Story Of Emmalex)

Wow! Do you really want to know how I met my wife?

Well, all thanks to the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) for not giving her admission and to Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic for giving her admission.

She applied to study Law at UNN during the 2015/2016 academic session but UNN didn’t give her admission though she score very high because of a deficiency in mathematics at her O-level result.

On the other hand, Akanu Ibiam admitted her to do Pre-ND in the school of business.

During that 2015/2016 academic session, I was already in my HND 2 (Final Year) at Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic living in Blessed Lodge formally known as Ozone Lodge.


So she came to school in January 2016 for registration as a fresher. She met a guy in his ND 1 by the name Iniobong who assisted her in some things like direction and also gave shelter throughout her registration period.

When she was done with the registration, she met with Deborah who was also staying alone in the Blessed Lodge and was looking for a roommate. They discussed and agreed for them to become roommates. so Deborah brought her to the lodge.

I was outside my room when they passed by. I saw her for the first time in my life and I fell in love with her (Love at First Sight). I couldn’t wait for a second, so I immediately stopped her. I praised her beauty and asked her name and she told me her name was Eke Silver.

Then I told her my name is Emmalex and asked her if she will be my friend, she accepted without delay (it seems it was destiny or did she also Love me at First Sight?). After her acceptance as a friend, I asked her where she was staying, then Deborah told me she is her roommate.

Fast Forward: This friendship became very strong to the point that she was the only girl in the lodge that enters my room and also cooked for me sometimes. This really made other girls so be jealous of her, especially Mabel who indirectly was given me the green light which I never see because I don’t like her.

Mabel’s roommate, Loveth even had to invite me to their room to persuade me to make Mabel my girlfriend. I accepted with her that I was going to tell Mabel to be my girlfriend. So this actually made Mabel, come frequently to my room, stay with me and even request to cook for me and I will reject the offer.

One day she got angry for saying no to her cooking offer, saying that if it was Silver, I would have allowed her to cook for me; I just smiled not knowing how to respond. But in all these, I never told Silver that I loved her because I never wanted to ruin the friendship.

Fast Forward: I finished my HND and graduated in September 2016 and Silver also finished her Pre-ND program in September 2016 and was admitted to start ND 1 in Public Administration.

Registration and payment of the acceptance fee for the new session started in December 2016, but Silver couldn’t pay her acceptance fee till January 2017 when the school gave the deadline for payment or you forfeit the admission. She told me about it because I was still in school running one or two things. I gave her the money immediately for the acceptance fee which was N15,000.00 only.

She started attending lectures after paying the acceptance fee but never had time for me because we were no longer living in the same lodge. I went to stay with Mommy Jane for free in the lodge where she was the caretaker. Mommy Jane was my church member while Silver also moved to another lodge with her new roommate Uzoma.

I went for my NYSC in Anambra in June 2017. After some months in NYSC, I called her and told her I loved her and wanted us to start a relationship. She said no for the following two reasons:

1. That I am a corps member meeting and seeing different beautiful girls, and I should look for one of my corps members and date throughout my service year. Then if after the service, I couldn’t find any love, then I should ask her out again.

2. Secondly, she is in school and doesn’t want any relationship distractions. Let me go ahead and do things with the girls around me till she finishes her OND program in 2018.

This decision actually pained me so much, it gave me so many sleepless nights thinking about her. So many questions ran through my mind all night, thinking if that was her way of saying she don’t love me or if she really meant what she said.

So I had no option but to accept what she said. Then I took my mind and love to Vivian my fellow corps member. Now


….…To Be Continue…….

Do You really believe in “Love at First Sight?” Comment your answers below.

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