MICHELLE The choir mistress episode 1

It was their Annual Convention, and preparation is ongoing, Choir held rehearsals almost every day, and Michelle was the choir mistress, and her voice is Angelic, whenever she minister songs, the power of God always moves in great dimensions, and the hand of God is truly on Michelle. They are counting on her to deliver as usual, because so many people were invited, from home and abroad.

The day came and she was ushered to the podium, “Jesus help me“, she said silently, You raised me up so I can stand the mountain, her beautiful voice echoes as she sings, soon the atmosphere changed, and the power of God broke out, the power of holy ghost was visible, soon everyone was speaking in tongues just like the days of Pentecost.

She was applauded when she drops the microphone, thanks that is a wonderful ministration sister Michelle the head pastor said, everyone was envious of her voice and how the power moved, sure the hands of the Almighty is upon her, and she could hear how people are praising her, but she wasn’t happy.

I thought the Lord will strike me Dead, what have I done to myself? God, please help me, forgive me. Sister Grace walked up to her, what’s it, aren’t you happy, look at how you changed the atmosphere with your ministration, be Happy that God is using you. Are you sure God is using me? Michelle said. What type of joke is that? please stop this your altitude, sister Grace said as she walked out.

Oh! God have mercy upon me, Michelle wept bitterly. Is it with this same mouth of fornication, will I sing to God? With this same body that the devil has defiled? Oh! God, why didn’t you strike me Dead? She cried not again.

Michelle is in a relationship with Brother Mark, the music director in the same church, they even had s*x on that same day, and she ministered at the convention. She hesitated when she was called to minister, she beg God to move, she beg God to have mercy on her and glorify His Name, and indeed God moved.

Bro Mark called her, wow what a wonderful ministration, more Grace dear, keep quiet sister Michelle said to Mark, have you forgotten we had s*x before my ministration? do you think God is happy with us? you better repent or the Holy Ghost will strike you one day. She said with anger. I’m sorry baby, you know I love you, Mark replied, this word melted her heart. I love you too, she said as she drop the call.

She is between the devil and the deep blue sea. She loves Mark, but she loves God more. She is addicted to Mark, and she can’t resist him, as she was trying to figure out how best to handle the situation, Mark’s Text came. Can I see you tomorrow? She couldn’t reply to him instantly, the convention was supposed to last for 3 days, and tomorrow is the second day, If I visit him, there’s every possibility of having s*x with him. Oh God save me, the more she prays the more she falls into fornication.

She decided to visit him she made up her mind to resist him, she knocked on his door twice…Mark opened the door and hugged her.

…To be continued….

Friends, while waiting for Episode two of this awesome story, use the comment section to:

  1. Guess what happened as she went to visit her brother Mark
  2. What possible way do you think Sister Michelle should adopt to solve this issue?

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